The ACC is going DOWN thanks to SEC-Big 12 Agreement


In recent weeks the internet has been buzzing concerning the ACC’s almost-inevitable demise.

Rumor circulation supports a probable exit of Florida State to the Big 12. Those rumors have sparked more rumors that Clemson would be sure to follow if FSA moved.

If the Tigers and Seminoles bail, the situation would be grim for the ACC who already suffers on the edge of college football significance.

Then, on Friday, the SEC and Big 12 have agreed to play an inter-conference brawl between their respective champions. The Big Ten and Pac 12 have already gone through the Rose Bowl alignment so the Big East and ACC are basically on the chopping block.

McClatchy Tribune Writer David Teel puts the finances into perspective:

“Naturally, the Big 12 and SEC plan to award their event to the highest-bidding venue and television network, widening the money gap between the ACC and the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12.

The ACC’s new, 15-year media rights contract with ESPN is worth approximately $17 million annually per school, a 30-percent increase. By summer’s end, the Big Four conferences all figure to have arrangements worth $20 million-plus per school. USA Today reports that the Pac-12 could approach $30 million.”

Teel also proposes a most interesting notion: What if the Rose Bow and the new Big-12/SEC matchup became “de facto national semifinals”.

Wouldn’t that be another win for the Big 12 😉