Hatfields and McCoys Big Win for Big 12 Addition West Virginia

Nothing gets middle america to the TV set like a good ol’ fashioned family feud. History Channel debuted its landmark miniseries Hatfields and McCoys on memorial day.

The show follows Kevin Costner as ‘Devil Anse’ Hatfield who feuds with Bill Paxton’s portrayal of Randolph McCoy. The lore is popular at West Virginia University among students, faculty and locals. There is even a dining cafe named after the Hatfields. So the families have expanded their enterprise out of blood feuds.

Although a distinctly american tale, much of the mini-series was filmed in Eastern Europe, Romania to be precise. The cast and crew endured a bit of chilly weather during filming. When Devil Anse gets baptized, Costner is actually enduring quite frigid temperatures.

The project also marked a step up for History Channel who is better known these days for shows like Ancient Aliens and Monster Quest, thanks in part to Comedy Central’s South Park.  The mini series is the networks first foray into scripted drama.

At the very least, frat boys at WVU can look forward to one more thing to drink about when they return to school in the fall.


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