Big 12 Awards Oklahoma State their Championship Rings

The Cowboys had an outstanding season going 12-1 and although they didn’t make it to the national championship they are still the Big 12’s champions.

The rings are huge, diamond studded affairs with the player’s names on the side.

The one game the Cowboys lost was to Iowa State and unfortunately prevented them from competing for the National title.


(photo courtesy of @JBlatnick)


Texas has the Most Profitable Athletic Department in Big12Country

The Business of College Sports recently reported rankings of the most profitable athletic departments in the Big 12. Here are their findings:

1. Texas: $24,317,815
2. Kansas State: $23,395,408
3. Oklahoma State: $14,365,376
4. Oklahoma: $8,064,477
5. Texas A&M: $3,224,429
6. Texas Tech: $3,124,246
7. Missouri: $143,588
8. Iowa State: $121,686
9. Baylor: $0
10. Kansas: $0
1. Texas: $150,295,932
2. Oklahoma: $104,338,843
3. Texas A&M: $74,944,301
4. Oklahoma State: $70,123,206
5. Kansas: $70,028,683
6. Kansas State $68,875,266
7. Baylor: $59,859,235
8. Missouri: $59,005,954
9. Texas Tech: $51,190,970
10. Iowa State: $48,574,989
1. Texas: $125,978,117
2. Oklahoma: $96,274,366
3. Texas A&M: $71,719,872
4. Kansas: $70,028,683
5. Baylor: $59,859,235
6. Missouri: $58,862,366
7. Oklahoma State: $55,757,830
8. Iowa State: $48,453,303
9. Texas Tech: $48,066,724
10. Kansas State: $45,479,858

Newcomer WVU posted $0.00 profit in the Big East whose finances appeared even more confusing. One commenter expressed his skepticism:

 “What’s with all this break even nonsense? Twelve schools managing an eight figure budget, and each neatly resolves itself to a 0.00 bottom line? This reeks of a “nod nod, wink wink, say no more” admission that if the athletic department loses money no one must know. Could anything make it more obvious? I wonder how the losses are hidden, or which department at the school is forced to absorb them. Or do they tap the endowment fund until the numbers zero out? Why does the Dept. of Education permit this?”

The business of college sports admits that the data “is not perfect, it is the only data publicly available for both public and private institutions.”

Seriously though! What is Kansas spending all this cash on? WVU made $58,003,719.00 in revenue last year! Where did it all go? Any ideas?