WVU Rapper Huey Mack Drops “Click” Mixtape

Huey Mack and Mike Stud

Huey Mack gets a lot of flack at West Virginia University for being an awkward Phi Si whose daddy gets him radio play, but, really, the kid is earning it. His first couple of mixtapes Bright Lights and Long Nights and Freshman 15 made a splash on his campus and on Datpiff. Apparently there was another one called A Boy Named Huey, but we don’t talk about that one. His newest drop, ambiguously titled Click is his latest foray into hip hop.

Check out the new mixtape on Datpiff here: http://www.datpiff.com/Huey-Mack-Mike-Stud-Click-mixtape.379764.html

The production on the tape is well done although the lack of a Big Jerm track is disappointing. The album begins and ends with Judge tracks, the former being far superior to the latter. Jon Kilmer’s contribution Hollywood is an upbeat examination of fame that B12C particularly enjoyed.

The highlight of Huey’s lyrics are undoubtedly his “realness”. The low-light (is that a real thing?) of his lyrics is a boring adherence to mainstream topicality. Yes, we get it, rappers like ladies and liquor. Occasionally he’ll touch on some personal, emotional issue in his rhymes, but rarely can the listener empathize with him. This is an element of immaturity you’d hope he would’ve discarded after a few mixtapes.

The problem frankly, is that he’s competing in a saturated market. In college rap we’ve been through Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Chris Webby, Sam Adams, Hoodie Allen and now Huey Mack  in less than a decade. So let’s break this sub-genre down real quick.

Asher Roth had the most commercial success and is probably the most respected by both successful and talented hip hop artists alike. His topicality is broad and his style is relatively mature.

Mac Miller peaked in the last year commercially and substantively. His wordplay is impressive but, like Huey, he suffers from narrow vision.

Chris Webby is arguably the best lyricist in the bunch (see Webster’s Laboratory) but hasn’t yet peaked in terms of popularity.

Sam Adams started out strong but we haven’t heard much from him since Boston’s Boy. B12C has big hopes for this one.

Hoodie Allen’s latest EP All American was great in many categories and in the long-term, our bets are on him (not counting Asher, who’s already made his mark).

Did we mention that Timeflies (from Timeflies Tuesday, google it) dropped a sweet mixtape?

So where does Huey fit in to this colorful (yet remarkably flat) landscape? Well firstly, we’re surely missing someone (tell us in the comments!), so don’t take this as a comprehensive analysis, but we don’t see where Mack can compete. Lyrically he’ll have a tough time and he’s not exactly the most charismatic guy. On top of this, it seems like Mike Stud (mentor or protege?) only serves to distract from Huey by seeming aloof in comparison.

Our advice to Huey? Carve a niche creatively by being yourself and not compromising artistically. We know that’s hard for a young artist to accept but its the only way he’ll pull ahead of the pack.

Our favorite Huey mixtape is his debut drop. Find it here: http://www.datpiff.com/Huey-Mack-Bright-Lights-And-Long-Nights-mixtape.159202.html


WVU Schedule Analysis Released

ESPN’s Dave Ubben released analyses for WVU’s football schedule this year. The school is approaching its first season in the Big 12 and expectations are high.

Even Ubben sets the bar high for Morgantown’s Mountaineers.

He pegs Oklahoma as the team to beat, but also stresses the October game against the Longhorns: “Texas should be much improved, and when West Virginia comes to town Texas could very well be 4-0 with a win over Big 12 champion Oklahoma State”

A lot of buzz has been brewing in the student section over the contest against JMU that will take place at FedEx field in Washington D.C. Ubben shoots the bee from the hip, predicting a stale match against JMU’s Duke Dogs. He hedges his bets though stating “Be careful with this one, though. James Madison knocked off 11-win Virginia Tech in 2010, which went on to go undefeated in the ACC.”

The entire schedule can be viewed below:


What do all yall think?

Oklahoma and Texas are in ESPN Top 25

ESPN RecruitingNation has opened it Top 25 Recruiting classes of 2013 application. The SEC is the clear winner but the Big 12 is not u
The Longhorns bull through at number four. These numbers are tentative but don’t expect them to go far from the top. The Sooners sit pretty at number 12. They’re odds aren’t as good. Texas’s top prospect is man eater Darius James (Center,pictured)nrepresented. Some fans may consider underdog status an advantage this early on.

There are a few implications to be drawn from the list. Firstly, if FSU leaves the ACC for the SEC that will make that will make Southern superpower even more significant.

The Pacific side is only represented in the top ten by USC at number eight and the Big Ten has Michigan in very first place with OSU close behind at number seven.

Truthfully the situation is bleak for the ACC. The SEC will continue to dominate but things may begin to unwind for their Big 10 counterparts.Michiganis overrated and OSU’s situation might be similarly tremulous. Expect for a lot of Big 12 sleepers to do big things (I’m talking to you WVU).

Alabama came in at number three. I’m thinking repeat.

More Rumors about FSU going to Big 12!

Jim Lamar from the Tallahassee Democrat seems sure, the ACC has cause for concern.

Firstly there is the financial situation Lamar points out: “Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis announced last Friday that the Big 12 agreed to distribute $19 million to eight of its members to close out the 2011-12 fiscal year. Departing members Missouri and Texas A&M did not receive payouts; neither did incoming members TCU andWest Virginia.”

Right now, FSU is in a position where an extra few million dollars would go a long way. Doak Campbell Stadium needs renovations, the basketball coaches need a raise, and the athletic department had coffers to replenish.

Lamar notes that the new additions won’t be compensated fully until later: “TCU and West Virginia will only be given a 50-percent share and will not receive full shares until 2016.”

So if the ACC dissolves and FSU and Clemson head Big 12 (or should I say Big 14), what will happen to schools like UMD and Miami?

Read the USA Today Article here. 

Hatfields and McCoys Big Win for Big 12 Addition West Virginia

Nothing gets middle america to the TV set like a good ol’ fashioned family feud. History Channel debuted its landmark miniseries Hatfields and McCoys on memorial day.

The show follows Kevin Costner as ‘Devil Anse’ Hatfield who feuds with Bill Paxton’s portrayal of Randolph McCoy. The lore is popular at West Virginia University among students, faculty and locals. There is even a dining cafe named after the Hatfields. So the families have expanded their enterprise out of blood feuds.

Although a distinctly american tale, much of the mini-series was filmed in Eastern Europe, Romania to be precise. The cast and crew endured a bit of chilly weather during filming. When Devil Anse gets baptized, Costner is actually enduring quite frigid temperatures.

The project also marked a step up for History Channel who is better known these days for shows like Ancient Aliens and Monster Quest, thanks in part to Comedy Central’s South Park.  The mini series is the networks first foray into scripted drama.

At the very least, frat boys at WVU can look forward to one more thing to drink about when they return to school in the fall.

The ACC is going DOWN thanks to SEC-Big 12 Agreement


In recent weeks the internet has been buzzing concerning the ACC’s almost-inevitable demise.

Rumor circulation supports a probable exit of Florida State to the Big 12. Those rumors have sparked more rumors that Clemson would be sure to follow if FSA moved.

If the Tigers and Seminoles bail, the situation would be grim for the ACC who already suffers on the edge of college football significance.

Then, on Friday, the SEC and Big 12 have agreed to play an inter-conference brawl between their respective champions. The Big Ten and Pac 12 have already gone through the Rose Bowl alignment so the Big East and ACC are basically on the chopping block.

McClatchy Tribune Writer David Teel puts the finances into perspective:

“Naturally, the Big 12 and SEC plan to award their event to the highest-bidding venue and television network, widening the money gap between the ACC and the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12.

The ACC’s new, 15-year media rights contract with ESPN is worth approximately $17 million annually per school, a 30-percent increase. By summer’s end, the Big Four conferences all figure to have arrangements worth $20 million-plus per school. USA Today reports that the Pac-12 could approach $30 million.”

Teel also proposes a most interesting notion: What if the Rose Bow and the new Big-12/SEC matchup became “de facto national semifinals”.

Wouldn’t that be another win for the Big 12 😉

Should the ACC and Big East Create Their Own Bowl Game?

Now while not directly related to Big 12 happenings. A possible restructuring of bowl games to include a Big East/ACC Championship would certainly affect the Big 12’s athletic dominance. It seems like the Big East would be the biggest winner however. What are your thoughts on a move like this?

With the current BCS contract set to expire at the end of the 2013 season, the landscape of college football is set to change in the coming months.  In the last few weeks, the SEC and Big 12 announced that they will be creating their own bowl game, in which each conference’s champion will play, beginning in 2014.  While it is unclear what this new bowl game means to the Fiesta Bowl (in which the Big 12 champion currently plays) and the Sugar Bowl (in which the SEC champion currently plays), it is possible that both of those bowls could continue to exist after 2014.  Additionally, the bowl would likely be joining the Rose Bowl (played by the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions) and the Orange Bowl (played by the ACC champion). 

Furthermore, it is expected that in coming months, BCS commissioners will vote to approve a four-team playoff system as a modification to…

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Oliver Luck Speaks out on WVU Move to Big 12

Students of West Virginia University can attest, the schools move to the Big 12 has stirred up quite a bit of excitement. The school seemed restless and in need of change when rumors of a possible move to the SEC spurred hopes. The Greeks on campus seemed especially amiable towards the prospect. To their chagrin, the school was not able to go SEC and instead elected to join the Big 12.

Many fans will say that the Big 12 is a better fit for WVU’s football program than the SEC but that’s to be determined. For now we’ll have to content ourselve’s with, WVU Athletic
e. Director, Oliver Luck’s comments on the mov

Luck, who has not been shy about matter, went into detail with ESPN’s David Ubben.

Initially, when Texas A&M appeared ready to leave the Big 12, Luck became
Luck reiterated how significant a role Syracuse and Pitt’s move to the ACC played in his decision making. “I think it was pretty obvious that the league was going to struggle. We hadn’t added a new member since 2005.”aware of a rumor that Pitt was on “short list” to replace the Aggies. He realized that “there’s no reason that West Virginia shouldn’t be on the Big 12 short list”.

The Big East has lost its sense of identity. When WVU joined the conference in 91′, the Mountaineers were surrounded by teams like Virginia Tech and Miami. Now, the only original football squad left from that time is Rutgers. Would students and faculty really settle for such mediocrity?

Its pretty clear they made the right move. Even though a lawsuit forced the school to pony up $20 million to the Big East for leaving early, the donations and ticket sales generated by the hype are “unprecedented” according to Luck.

Last week, Luck spoke out to ESPN on the Big 12 and possible expansion. Read more here.

NCAA Football 13′ features Big 12 Athletes

What a year to be a former Heisman winner. EA Sport’s NCAA Football’s upcoming installment will feature Robert Griffin III with Barry Sanders.

The new game features updated graphics and presentation values with a new quarterback-receiver response system and Heisman Challenge game mode so that you may win college football’s highest honor.

Fans voted former Oklahoma State RB Barry Sanders onto the cover over University of Georgia RB Herschel Walker in the final hour of voting.

The upcoming football season is highly anticipated and I suspect it will not disappoint. The hype over these developments will undoubtedly fuel the Big 12’s already heated rivalries and with new additions WVU and TCU to the roster, the 2012-13 season is sure to be interesting.